Wildlife Emergency?


Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue is armed with a team of dedicated volunteers without whom we would not be able to care for the large number of animals that reside here.

Will You Help Save Our Wildlife?

Volunteering your time to help a sick, injured or orphaned animal warms the heart like nothing else can.

Springtime calls for around-the-clock care for infants that have been abandoned or orphaned. Our trained volunteers assist with the care of these individuals, ensuring they will be well prepared for life back in the wild.

Thinking About Volunteering?

Join one of the many virtual orientation sessions. These zoom meetings will allow you to learn about the work we do and the important roles different volunteers take on at the wildlife hospital.

These sessions are mandatory in order to start your volunteer process with us. They are approximately 1.5 hours in length.

General Requirements for Volunteering

  • Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age to volunteer in the wildlife rehabilitation centre.  Due to the nature of volunteering with native species that can carry different zoonotic diseases we can not allow anyone under the age of 18 to volunteer within this department.
  • Volunteers must have their own transportation so they can arrive for their scheduled shifts on time.
  • Time commitments vary according to the section in which a person volunteers. But in general, we do require 4 hours per week, for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Volunteers must exercise caution and sound judgment at all times when working with wild animals. You will undergo training sessions and written tests for proper animal care before being able to work alone.
  • Volunteers must remember that as representatives of Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue, they must act in a professional manner when dealing with the public. We count on the public for support, and they must be treated courteously and with respect at all times.

Ways to Get Involved
(and make a difference!)

*Animal care positions in 2024 are for returning volunteers only

  • Time commitment is one four-hour shift per week. (April to October commitment)
  • Shifts are the same day and time slot for the duration of your commitment
  • Duties include: housekeeping, animal care, feeding and communication.
  • Must be vaccinated for rabies if working in the wildlife rehabilitation centre with Rabies Vector Species (bats, foxes and skunks) only. Proof of valid titre for tetanus is required for all animal departments

Phones continually ring especially during baby season. Volunteers will play an important role by answering phones, taking messages and ensuring that situations of concern are dealt with immediately. You would screen calls to be sure the animal is in need of care, give advice and educate.

  • Pick up or drop off animals, usually at short notice
  • Transporting sick, injured or orphaned animals
  • Releasing rehabilitated animals
  • Please email office@sopercreekwildlife.com if you are interested. 

Events, fairs, tours, schools, educational presentations in-house and outsourcing, teach public awareness and coexistence, wildlife education

Our patients have a wide range of dietary requirements! Volunteers pick up food and animal-related supplies on a regular basis.

Time commitment varies, depending on the activities or projects in which volunteers are involved.

  • Examples are: canvassing for donations, helping out at booths at local festivals and events and tracking donation boxes. Volunteers may also create or contribute to marketing materials and newsletters.
  • Fundraising: organize fairs, tournaments, seek out new ideas for fundraising
  • Administration: updating database, email lists, stuffing envelopes, typing forms, printing, filing
  • Ensuring that supplies are clean and readily accessible.
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the kitchens and nurseries. This includes: washing sheets, blankets and bedding as well as folding and organizing clean laundry.
  • Ensure that appropriate caging and supplies are ready for incoming patients.
  • Time commitment varies depending on the project.
  • Ongoing site maintenance requires 2-6 hours weekly.
  • Site improvement and maintenance projects are always underway at Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue.
  • Grounds Maintenance: lawn mowing, shovelling, clearing property, general upkeep
  • Construction & Maintenance: carpentry, construction, fencing, cage repair, new projects.

UNDER 18 and still want to help us?

There are many other ways that families and children can help our wildlife centre. Here are just a few ways to save a Wild Life.

1. Fundraising –  start a fundraiser at your school, birthday party, scouts, church or club.

2. Build Needed Items – we are always in need of special build squirrel and bird houses, knitted nests and pouches.

3. Register for Programs or Book a Birthday Party – All funds generated from our programs go directly back into our wildlife centre. Without our programs, we cannot run the wildlife centre.

4. Collect Items – Check out our wishlist to find items that will help our wild friends.