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Situated on 15 acres of the Oak Ridges Moraine, Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue is Durham Region's only wildlife rehabilitation center. We care for sick, injured, orphaned, and abandoned native wildlife with the goal of releasing them back into their natural habitat. Each animal, no matter how big or small plays a very important role in our ecosystem.

We also provide permanent homes to many animals who have been kept illegally as pets, rescued from unimaginable circumstances, or despite best efforts cannot go back into the wild.

Wildlife rehabilitation is a free service that is offered to all residents in Ontario. Since our work is not funded by the government, we take on all fees associated with caring for the wild patients.


Sponsorships are a great way for you to help Save a WILD Life. This support helps with the care of sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife that comes into our facility every day. Our WILD patients stay with us here at the centre to recover until they can be released back into the wild.

When you sponsor Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue, you will receive a special certificate, as well as other special gifts such as photos, information about the animals you've helped, a subscription to our newsletter, or even tours of our facility!*

We offer various levels of sponsorship to suit your ability to donate and would like to emphasize that any donation counts! If none of these sponsorships work for you, please check out other ways you can help or donate from our Join, Give & Volunteer menu.

*Not all sponsorships include extras. Please read the sponsorship details below.

Friends of Wildlife - $30

Includes a special Electronic Certificate and information about the animals your sponsorship is going to help!

Wildlife Supporter - $50

Includes all of the above, and a Digital Photograph of one of our Animal Ambassadors.

Partner in Preservation - $75

Includes all of the above, and a 1-year Subscription to our Newsletter.

Partner in Conservation - $100

Includes all of the above, and a personal Tour of the Facility for 1 person.

Wildlife Guardian - $250

Includes all of the above, and a personal Tour of the Facility - for Two!

Wildlife Warrior - $500

Includes all of the above, and a Tour of the Facility - for Four!
PLUS: Information about the Birds of Prey your support will help, and an Engraved Rock with your Family's name will be placed at the front of our wildlife rehabilitation building.

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