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Nature's Language (Ages 4-12)

This year we are excited to announce we have started an French Immersion program for all ages. Lead by a fully bi-lingual staff member campers are submerged into our Enchanted Forest where they will learn about the natural world around them.

Each day of camp. campers will have a different home base  representing a different theme. One their first day of camp they might be stationed under the Big Pine, learning about insects while Day 3 they are stationed at the Foxes Den - learning about species at Risk in Ontario.

*Don't worry if your camper has no experience in French! All program activities are explained in English and French. With a small group of 10 individuals the staff are able to work at each campers level, from a newbie all the way to the most advanced camper! For those new to the French Language, simple terms such as trees, animals and other conservational terminology is presented through fun games, activities and experiments. For those more experienced full conversations are welcomed!



Each day of summer camp is different!

Yes that is if you are looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your children about wildlife and what they can do to help our environment, our camp is the place to be!

Each of the 45 days of summer camp is different. Our general themes are the foundation of all programming but the activities, crafts, experiments are all unique.

Give your children the power of knowledge.

Give them the power to make a difference.


Conservation, Pollinators and Species at Risk

    • Anyone can be a hero for wildlife! We will learn all about the threatened and endangered species of Ontario and learn all of the ways we can help them. From planting milkweed for monarch butterflies to helping a turtle safely cross the road, you will be making a positive difference for wildlife. 


bobcat quote in the end
Avery the Bobcat

Water Cycles, Insects, & Food Webs

  • In Ontario, we are fortunate to have an incredible amount of fresh water in the forms of rivers, lakes, and streams. The 5 Great Lakes in Ontario are actually the world’s biggest continuous body of fresh water! In camp, we will learn about all the ways water plays a vital role in our ecosystems: including the importance of wetlands, water cycles, and the impact it has on a variety of species in Ontario.

Regions of Ontario and their Animal Inhabitants, Hibernation, & Predator Vs Prey

  • From polar bears in the North to opossums in the South, Ontario is home to an incredible amount of wildlife! Ontario has the most varied landscape of any Canadian province and a wide range of climates. We will be focused on the different physiographic regions of Ontario(Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canadian Shield, and the St. Lawrence Lowlands), the different types of animal homes in the province (caves, dens, warrens, burrows, fields, deciduous and coniferous trees, etc.) and which animals live in each region.

"My daughter just couldn't stop talking about how much fun she had and everything she's learned."

Avery the Bobcat

Living with the Land & Wilderness Survival Skills

  • We will be focused on building outdoor survival skills that will encourage campers to engage and connect with their surroundings. By utilizing traditional strategies and modern-day camping techniques, campers will learn how to navigate their surroundings and identify a variety of flora and fauna, in order to develop a deeper understanding of the natural world.


  • Campers will be focused on learning about living in a sustainable environment. Collecting eggs from our resident chickens, learning how to care for them and why nutrition is so important to their care is always the fun part! Campers will also build and maintain a community garden which feeds all of the animals here at SCWR! The best part? These are all skills they can utilize at home.