Wildlife Detectives


Ages: 8-12

Held Saturdays 9-4pm

2021-2022 Schedule

Fall:  Sept 11-Oct 23 (6 Weeks) - $300 + HST
*Please note there is no programming October 2nd

Winter: Nov 6 - Dec 18 (7 Weeks)  - $350 + HST

Winter 2: Jan 8 -Mar 26 – (11 Weeks) $550 + HST
*Please note there is no programming March 19th

Spring: Apr 2 - June 18 – (12 Weeks) $600 + HST


Preservation and conservation are vital to the survival of Ontario's wildlife. If your child loves the outdoors, connecting with nature and wants to make a difference in the future of our environment, this program is for them!

Children are transformed into Wildlife Detectives, learning new skills and knowledge that they will be excited to come home and share with you. Each day of programming has a central theme which is presented to the children.

Examples of Themes:

Birds - How do birds fly? Children will examine feathers, wings and bones to learn about how birds are built differently than mammals.

Wilderness Survival - Children will learn the basic safety skills of being in the forest. The Hug A Tree Program will be presented to the children so they can learn what do to if they are lost in a forest. We will also touch on fire safety and how to tie knots!

Mammals - Bite This! Children will learn about the different types of teeth, how to tell what an animal eats based on their teeth and how teeth are related to nutrition.

Who Pooped? - Yup - children will be able to identify all different types of poop found in the natural world around them. This is very important to know if you are spending time outdoors. It will ensure you and your family are safe. Poop also helps teach us a lot about the wild patients that come into the wildlife center.



Our Forest & Nature school is 100% outdoors and programs are held within our forest which is part of the Oak Ridges Moraine.  As such children will be able to build tree forts, splash in the creek, slide on the ice, swing under the trees in a hammock, make mud pies and let their imagination run wild. We even have a low slack-line obstacle course for them to adventure to. Please ensure they are dressed for all types of weather.