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Senior Visits

Facility Visits

The Silver Fox Package has been designed especially for senior groups.

This 1-hour long presentation has everyone moving and grooving, participating in guessing games, interacting with our Animal Ambassadors and listening to stories about wildlife rehabilitation. We love it when our seniors share their stories and experiences!

Uncover and discover unique adaptations that Ontario species have to survive in our four seasons. Touch and feel the different animal pelts. Learn why each animal has different types of fur. Hold bones, skulls, and other animal artifacts.

Following our live animal demonstration, our educational team, venture through your facility, for up to 1 hour, visiting those that could not join in our presentation. They will be able to feel the fur of a live skunk, groundhog, or even an opossum.

They will also be able to ask questions and, more importantly, feel included! Our goal is to make sure everyone is able to experience a form of animal therapy.

The fee for the Silver Fox Program is based on the distance we need to travel to your facility.

All fees include:

  • WILD Animal Demonstration (1 hour)
  • Wildlife Visitor Tour (1 hour)
  • 1 Wildlife Educator
  • 5-6 Live Animal Ambassadors
  • 5 million liability insurance
  • Transportation/mileage costs