Wildlife Emergency?

Festivals & Fairs

Are you coordinating a Fair, Festival or Event and looking for educational children's entertainment?

Our team will customize our services to suit the theme of your event.

Live demonstrations and tactile learning stations
are just some of the services we can provide to help make your event a success!
Choose from some of the below options, or create a combination!

#1 - Wildlife Detectives Discovery Station

Included in our “Wildlife Detectives” package are different clues to discovering Ontario Wildlife.  

Allow children to experience the wonders of Ontario’s wildlife with their bare hands. Table-top displays include pelts, skulls, bones, animal tracks, and scat! Activity stations, games will help them become a Wildlife Detective!

#2 - Wildlife Rescue Discovery Station


Included in our “Wildlife Rescue” package, is our Wildlife First Aid Station. Children can bring their own teddy bear or use one of ours to learn firsthand how to fix and wrap a broken arm!

Our first aid station comes equipped with bandaging material to learn how to bandage a teddy bear, a “how to feed baby animals” station and games about wildlife rehabilitation and how to help wildlife in your own backyard. 

#3 - Animal Ambassador Presentation

Our Animal Ambassador Presentation can be custom-tailored to suit each event’s specific need. These fun, interactive and educational demonstrations are 30-45 minutes in length and can run multiple times per day.

Children become Wildlife Detectives when they put on their “owl eyes” and “fox listening ears” that help them discover the living world in which they live.

Dancing, guessing games, plus up-close and personal encounters with our animal ambassadors are sure to make this a memorable experience!

#4 - Walk-Through Educational Exhibit


WILD Ontario: WILDlife Detectives is an interactive journey through Ontario’s wildlife. Our WILD Ontario experience incorporates:

  • Enriching and Education-Centered Booth
  • Tactile Activity Centre
  • Take-home Activity Sheets and Booklets
  • Educational Demonstrations
  • Grade Specific Activity Worksheets
  • Live Native Animal Displays
  • Animal Interactions with Unique Native Species
  • Mounted Native Animal Specimens


The experience at the WILD Ontario exhibit does not end after the guests leave, but in essence, the experience is just beginning for them. WILD Ontario ignites each Canadian to be an active participant in the conservation of Ontario’s wildlife by exploring it in their own backyard.