WildLife On Wheels:
Primary Grade Programs

Wildlife On Wheel (W.O.W.)
Soper Creek's Persephone

Kindergarten: Exploring the World Around Us

Engaging a child’s curiosity helps them to better appreciate the world around them. Students will put on their fox listening ears and owl eyes to help them learn about backyard conservation. Their owl eyes will help them find all of the cool adaptations that native species have to help them survive in Ontario’s four seasons.

Using the key terms such as: adaptations, herbivore, omnivore and carnivore, students will learn how these words help to save a WILDlife at the rehabilitation centre. By the end of the presentation students will find themselves dancing like a beaver, hopping like a rabbit and slithering like a snake! This fun, educational and interactive program is great for all primary grades.

"I thought that the program was fantastic! Guy was extremely knowledgeable and engaging. I definitely want to make this an annual event at our school!"

— Grade 7/8 Teacher