How long is the Camp day?

The regular full week day camp runs from 9am to 4pm. Extended Care is available commencing at 7am and closing at 6:00pm. Extended care must be prearranged and is an additional $10 per day per family. After 6:00pm a rate will be charged of $1 per minute and is due upon arrival. As an outdoor education center we do have night time programs running onsite that staff are required to participate in.

Please note that before and after camp programs are not typically a structured program like we conduct during the day.  Campers are provided with the option of free play, to watch an animal related movie, visit our library or do a craft.


Is transportation available to and from Camp?

No, we do not have the option for busing at this time.


What is the structure of a typical day?

Each day is very different, please check out the program page of the camp you are considering and review the list of different themes and possible activities.  Our focus is for campers to spend as much time as possible outdoors hiking and learning about nature. Campers will interact with our animal ambassadors, however for the health and well-being of our animals they do need to have some time off during the day.


What are campers required to bring with them each day?

All campers must bring their own peanut free packed lunch, 2 snacks and beverages. Water is available at the camp. All campers should ensure that they pack sunscreen and a hat in the summer months.  All campers MUST wear close toes shoes – running shoes. We do not allow campers on-site in sandals, flip-flops or crocs.

PLEASE NOTE –  If your camper has a nut allergy please contact us before registering. Also please refer to our Nut Allergy Alert Page.

For Winter Camp Programs please ensure to pack clothing according to the clothing guidelines provided in your camper package.

A full list of items is located in the Marten Parent Handbook Section.

How many campers are there in a group?

Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue has 10 unique programs for kids ranging in age from 4-16 years old. Our overall camper to staff ratio varies based on the age from 6 to 1 to 10 to 1 for older campers.  Senior staff members are constantly interacting with camper groups, providing on-going supervision and direction to staff every day. Due to the nature of our activities and work with animals all programs have a limited number of spaces available each week.


My child is allergic to peanuts. Is the Camp a PEANUT FREE program?

We ask that campers do not bring any peanut or nut based products to the camp.  Please note our camp takes at Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue which house many animals that have nuts in their daily diet.  Although we do not allow children to bring nut products in our space, there may be nut products on-site as part of many of the animal’s daily diet.   If your camper has a nut allergy, we recommend you speak to our program operator prior to registering for camp and read our nut allergy page.


Can the Camp accommodate children with special needs?

We are happy to integrate children with special needs, working with animals is a great experience for all children. Depending on each child’s individual circumstances will depend if Soper Creek Wildlife Nature Center is a good camp choice, if our program is a good fit we encourage parents to send support staff that their child is familiar with to camp with them. Camp is an excellent way for children of all abilities to grow and learn, and being exposed to a broad range of people with different skills and talents is a rewarding and enriching experience for any child. Parents of a child with special needs are asked to call the camp directly to discuss the inclusion of their child at camp.

Unfortunately as an outdoor facility with natural pathways we are not wheelchair accessible. It is simply impossible to groom the forest to make it so, as we do sit on protected land. We do offer a wide variety of animal based workshops that take place in our shelter which can be accessed by wheel chairs. Should you wish to speak to someone about this please do not hesitate to reach out.


How important is camper safety?

Safety is always #1 at Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue. Due to the nature of our camp and our daily interaction with animals we take camp safety very seriously. We continuously evaluate every aspect of camp, including arrivals, departures, exposure to elements, staff qualifications, activities and animal interaction.


Are campers always supervised?

Campers are supervised at all times, and work directly 1-1 with a camp staff when interacting with the animals.



What are your COVID 19 Policies and Procedures?

Our staff have been working on amazing programs all year round and can’t wait to share them with you. Due to the new regulations that have been put out by the Ministry we have had to make some changes as to how the programs can run. If you would like to check out the Ministry’s website you can find the 3 page document that we are using as a reference for what needs to be done here.


Each group will have no more than 10 individuals. This means we will have 1 staff member to 9 children of the same age range. If you have siblings that you would like to keep together please let us know immediately so we can plan accordingly.

Each group of 10 will have their own activity station for the day. We have broken up the property into various stations which represent the various themed weeks. The government guidelines state that each group always be 6 feet apart from each other. Our groups will be hundreds of feet apart and not be interacting with each other, not even for lunch time. These stations will be their home base for the day. Each night the stations are sanitized which allow the groups to rotate to a different home base the next day.

An example: Living with the Land on Monday (located in the picnic shelter) will then rotate to the Regions of Ontario home base on Tuesday (located in the forest).

Due to these changes we have had to remove the weekly themes and cover each theme in a day. This helps us ensure all of the equipment is not shared amongst groups and that we can clean them each night. But not to worry if your child is registered for multiple weeks the programs will be different each week!


In an effort to keep physical distancing as outlined by the government, each child will have their own 6 ft picnic table, or activity space. The tables have been painted different colours and your child’s first name will be placed on the table.  This workstation will be theirs for the day they are at the specific station and disinfected at night.  At this workstation they will keep their bags, eat snacks and lunch as well as perform activities like crafts and experiments.  Each child will have their own physical space, unless parental consent is given, for siblings living in the same household to be at the same workstation.

Workstations will be disinfected prior to and following: snacks, lunch and activities.


Each workstation will be equipped with its own hand sanitizer and craft material.


Yes that is right – each group will have their own rainbow rope. This rope will be painted with different coloured sections 6ft apart, that will match the colour of the workstations. Your child will hold their colour spot during hikes, etc. When sitting in a circle the children will have the rope to ensure they have the proper physical distancing.

At the present time we are not allowed to offer any form of animal expose. But as you all know this is a very fluid situation that we are in. This may change in the next few weeks but due to the fact that animals can get COVID and it is considered zoonotic the government has said no exposure to animals. Campers will be able to see the animals and learn about them but are unable to enter into the enclosures with them. As an added BONUS – we will be offering a special 2 hour program for all registered campers to come and meet our animals and get up close and personal with them as soon as it is deemed safe to do so. If this changes during the summer then we will change accordingly.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Kiss & Ride style just like at school 😉

Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue has made changes to our main parking lot to accommodate a kiss and ride style camp drop off. 3 staff will be managing cars as they come down the road, helping you to navigate through the marked area.

You will be greeted at the drop off location by a single staff member wearing with gloves and a mask. They will electronically look up your child’s chart on our tablet. Prior to your child getting out of the car, your child’s temperature will be taken via an electronic laser on their forehead and recorded. This is what we do to measure the animal’s temperature as well 😉 so don’t worry it doesn’t hurt and is non-invasive.  Any child with a fever, or who exhibits flu like symptoms will be sent home and not be able to participate in the program.

Parents will be asked to complete an electronic safety checklist certifying that to the best of their knowledge, no one in the immediate family is sick, has had COVID 19 or has been exposed to the virus.  This will be read to you and checked off by a staff member to reduce touching surfaces.

This form will be filled out for each camp session, regardless if your child in in multiple camp sessions.  If your child is in a weeklong program, then it needs to be submitted on the first day of camp - Monday. Should anything change for yourself , your family or your child while enrolled in any camp, it is mandatory that you keep your child home and advise Stefanie MacEwan immediately.

Once we have all of the information that we need, we will point your child to the next councillor who will take them to their assigned leader and space.

As camp programming starts promptly at 9:00am we do ask that you drop off anytime after 8:30. Staff will be available from 8:30 – 8:58am for drop off. Should you request early drop off (before 8:30), the process will be similar just with less people. I can’t stress enough, that we do leave the kiss and ride location at 8:58 to ensure campers are taken to their activity station for the day to start programming.

End of day pick up will be very similar as the children will be waiting. Please do not get out of your car, we will bring them to you. This policy is what has been outlined by the Ministry and we have to adhere to it.



We now have washroom facilities with full running water and A/C. To ensure that all children have the access to washing their hands we have rented a portable washroom trailer. This two-stall trailer is maintained weekly by a third-party company. Each stall has its own sink with running water and soap and even air conditioning. By providing this, we can ensure that all children can wash their hands as many times as needed. This is in addition to the hand sanitizer they have at their work station.

Washroom trailers will be disinfected after each groups use  to ensure that they are safe for the next group.


We are not able to supply or apply sun lotion, or bug repellent to children. We are happy to provide them with reminders but staff cannot physically apply on the children.


Staff will be wearing masks when in close contact with your children but during normal activities and programming they will not be worn unless the staff member chooses to do so. We do not recommend sending your child with one, and the Health Department has made many statements stating that children wearing masks will cause them to touch their face more than normal.  If a mask is damp, wet or dirty it is deemed non usable. Trust me these kiddies are going to be dirty at the end of each day!


The most important thing about camp is having fun and building memories. We here at Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue are looking to ensure that your child is in a safe environment but also that they are having the time of their life. We can’t forget that child need adventure and pure joy in their life. I promise you that will never change!



To ensure children’s safety, and physical distances we will have limited spaces for all summer programming.


We recognize that the first day of camp may be difficult for those children who haven’t been here before and the kiss and ride style drop off doesn’t allow parents to see the location where the children will be enjoying camp. Therefore, we have decided to have an open house June 29th – July 3rd from 9am -7:00pm each day.

The open house is by appointment only and you must pre-register for a time slot. This is to ensure social distancing procedures are in place, for the safety of yourself, your children and our staff. Time slots are 45 minutes in length. You are able to come see the washroom facilities – the large picnic shelter and speak to the staff about any questions that you may have. Please remember this is not a tour for seeing the animals. You will not have access to those areas. Time slots are held on the hour, which allows for the previous group to leave and the new group to enter.

Tours are for just the camper and a single adult. In order to comply with the COVID-19 regulations and for social distancing we will be enforcing this rule. Again, our goal is to create a safe and fun environment for your camper. We must lead by example.

Our goal by offering the open house is to ensure that the campers and parents feel comfortable participating in our camp.

To register for the open house.

Provide us with: Date and Times which work best for you.
Provide us with: Adult and campers name

Registration is on a first come basis and will not be holding sessions outside of these times.


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