Be Awesome, Be Wild:
Healing Together


When I think of Jorja, I think of someone who loves; her family, her friends, sports, all kinds of art, ANIMALS and AWESOMENESS!


In Jorja’s short time here on earth she touched so many lives and found a special place in people’s heart that only she could occupy. Her presence and her love extended beyond the barriers of just humankind, and extended to embrace all animals!

Since the day Jorja was born she was instantly drawn to both wild and domestic animals, they comforted her in ways that no person ever could have, and this love was reciprocated and multiplied when she gave it back.

Capturing and honouring Jorja’s love of animals is one of the best ways we know we can keep Jorja’s memory and spirit alive!  Healing our broken hearts, by healing and preserving local wildlife, while educating and connecting children with some of these animals is at the centre of why we have chosen to partner with Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue.



When children build close relationships with wildlife, memories are formed.

"In the end we will only conserve what we love; we will only love what we understand & we will understand what we have been taught" - Baba Dioum


These values were and are the core of Jorja’s soul, and after discovering Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue, meeting Stefanie, her family and her team we are convinced that we were destined to meet, and build an AWESOME legacy where not only Jorja is honoured, but where children and animals can heal, love and be a part of something much bigger than themselves.

Although we are still working on details and some longer term plans for both memorializing Jorja and providing some funding to support Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue’s animals and programs, we wanted to offer Jorja’s and Davis’s friends & family an opportunity to go to summer camp.

Their friends will learn with and about animals, while also getting an opportunity to share old memories, make some new memories and honour the AWESOME Jorja! Although most of the camp will be facilitated by the AWESOME staff at Soper Creek wildlife rescue, we plan to do some activities that will memorialize Jorja or other loved ones your child may want to honour.

We are so excited to announce this new relationship and first venture with Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue and we can’t wait to share more!

Jorja & Davis' Mom
Jorja & Davis' Dad
Baby bat feeding

A Child's Passion Has the Ability to Change the World!