Wildlife Emergency?

Allergy Alert

Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue takes all allergies seriously and we have a very strict protocol on how animals who may have come in contact with traces of allergens in their diet are handled and prepared for programs and parties. This is to ensure everyone’s safety. With that being said, many of our animals require a diet that includes nuts.


If your child has a nut allergy please email info@sopercreekwildlife.com and speak directly to our Founder, Stefanie MacEwan, prior to registering for any program.

We do ask that parents do not send children with any nut products to any of the Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue Programs, both onsite and offsite. This is for the respect of those who suffer from severe nut allergies.

Please be aware that if your child has any life-threatening allergy that is it mandatory that they are wearing their epi-pen on their body at all times when engaged in one of our programs whether at our facility or your location. All of the Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue staff are trained in First Aid, CPR, and epi-pens.