Meet Edwin & Persephone!

Common Name: Skunk
Scientific Name: Mephitidae
A group of them is called: A surfeit
We just call them: "Edwin" & "Persephone"

Size: 40 – 94 cm (length)
Weight: .5 - 8.5 kg
Lifespan: ~ 5 years (wild), 6 - 10 years (captivity)
Diet: Omnivore

Edwin & Persephone


Edwin and Persephone came from an accredited facility that was no longer able to care for them. Their life at Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue mimics their life in the wild as much as possible. They live in a multi-species exhibit alongside other animals they would encounter in the wild. In the winter months, they cuddle up with their porcupine friends, Minnie and Vinnie. Edwin and Persephone have a bit of a reputation of being lazy since they spend a lot of their time during the day sleeping.

Did You Know?

  • Skunks will only spray when threatened as a last resort. Before they spray, they will first hiss, stomp their feet and raise their tail. They only have enough of the chemical for 5 or 6 "sprays". Once empty, it can take the skunk 9 days to produce more spray which leaves them vulnerable during this time.
  • Skunks can spray their oily and smelly substance up to 10 feet distance. The smell can travel up to 1 kilometre (carried by the wind)!
  • Skunks have poor eyesight, but they have an excellent sense of smell and hearing. So they may not see you coming, but they will certainly smell you!
  • Their short little legs make them slow runners.
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