Silver & Cross Foxes

Conservation Status: Arctic Foxes

Meet Paintbrush & Jet the Silver Foxes

Common Name: Silver Fox
Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes
A group of them is called: A skulk or leash
We just call them: "Paintbrush" and "Jet"

Size: 45 – 90 cm (length)
Weight: 2.2 – 14 kg
Lifespan: ~ 2 - 5 years (wild), 15 years (captivity)
Diet: Omnivore


​Paintbrush and Jet came to us when they were just fox kits. Their mom had quite a large litter, and was unable to care for all of her pups. Paintbrush and Jet had to be bottle fed around the clock when they first came to Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue. Paintbrush and Jet are brother and sister who enjoy taking long walks together throughout the wooded forest of Soper Creek Wildlife. Paintbrush only has three legs, as a result of an infection early in her life - but, that doesn't stop her from playing in the creek!

Did You Know?

  • There are over 30 different species of foxes throughout the world! The silver fox is the largest fox species.
  • The female fox is referred to as a "Vixen", and a male is called a "Todd". Although males and females do not stay together for life, they will stay together for a breeding season in order to raise their fox pups together!
  • Foxes have muscles in their ears so that they can turn their ears at different angles to hear better. Their hearing is so good that they can pick up the sound of rodents and other critters underground! Woah!

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