Red Foxes

Meet our "Skulk" of Red Foxes!

Common Name: Red Fox
Scientific Name: Vulpes vulpes
A group of them is called: A skulk or leash
We just call them: Jet, Paintbrush, Ebony, Rosie, Ruby, Scarlet, Ash, Takoda, Crimson & Clover!

Size: 45 – 90 cm (length)
Weight: 2.2 – 14 kg
Lifespan: ~ 2 - 5 years (wild), 15 years (captivity)
Diet: Omnivore




​Paintbrush and Jet came to us when they were just fox kits. Their mom had quite a large litter and was unable to care for all of her pups. Paintbrush and Jet had to be bottle-fed around the clock when they first came to Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue. Paintbrush and Jet are brother and sister who enjoy taking long walks together throughout the wooded forest of Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue. Paintbrush only has three legs, as a result of infection early in her life - but, that doesn't stop her from playing in the creek!



These sweet and hard-to-tell-apart siblings were born in captivity and live with Paintbrush and Jet as an extended family. 



Coming soon...

crimson & clover


Crimson and Clover are Red Foxes that call Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue their home. They came to us from a CAZA accredited facility where they were hand raised. Crimson and Clover love spending time together. Most of the time they are snacking on blue berries or hunting squirrels.

Did You Know?

  • What does the fox say? Foxes make a sound called a "gekker", which sort of sounds a little like they are chuckling or laughing. They will make this sound when they are excited are nervous. Contrary to popular belief, foxes do not bark or howl - but can make over 20 different vocalizations! ​
  • The personality of the fox has long been compared to a personality of a cat. They can be very shy, and quick to scurry off. Even how they pounce on their prey can be very cat-like! The tongue of the fox is also very rough, similar to that of a cat.

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