Conservation Status: Arctic Foxes

Meet Vinnie, Minnie, Chewy & Leia the Porcupines

Common Name: North American Porcupine
Scientific Name: Erethizon dorsatum
A group of them is called: A prickle
We just call them: "Minnie" & "Vinnie"

Size: 60 – 90 cm (length)
Weight: 4.5 – 18 kg (females are larger than males)
Lifespan: ~ 5 - 7 years (wild), up to 30 years (captivity)
Diet: Herbivore


Both Minnie and Vinnie came from south of the border living in harsh conditions. When they came into Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue, they needed a lot of love, care and attention. Now, they are thriving as part of our Animal Ambassador team! Vinnie and Minnie spend a lot of time together, in fact, maybe too much time. As part of the Porcupine mating ritual, Vinnie will sometimes urinate on himself to attract Minnie!​

Did You Know?

  • The porcupine is part of the rodent family. One of the qualities they have is ever-growing front teeth (called their incisors). If they don’t wear these teeth down by chewing on trees, bark and sticks, they will grow through their face!
  • An adult porcupine has 30,000 quills covering its body. They look soft and fuzzy but that is to make predators think that its safe to bite them, but under their fur they have thousands of quills! The only spot on their body that they don't have quills is their stomach.
  • Similar to how humans loose our hair, porcupines shed their quills. Porcupine babies are born with soft quills, but will harden after just a few days.

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