Marble Foxes

Meet Takoda!

Common Name: Marble Fox
Scientific Name: Vulpes lagopus
A group of them is called: A skulk or leash
We just call them: "Takoda" 

Size: 71 - 110 cm (length)
Weight: 1.4 - 9.4 kg (males are much larger than females)
Lifespan: ~ 4 years (wild), up to 14 years (captivity)
Diet: Omnivore



Takota the marble fox was seized by the MNRF after being kept illegally as a pet.

He escaped from his home and when he was found his image was placed on the Team Chelsea Facebook page as a lost dog. It was quickly noticed he wasn't a dog and brought into our facility. Takota now lives full-time with us and his best buddy, Ash.

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