Long-Eared Owl

Meet Neville!

Common Name: Long-Eared Owl, Lesser Horned Owl
Scientific Name: Asio otus
A group of them is called: A parliament
We just call him: "Neville"

Size: 35 - 40 cm (length)  Wingspan: 90 - 100 cm
Weight: 220 - 435 g
Lifespan: ~ 10 years (wild), 25 - 30 years (captivity)
Diet: Carnivore (Bird of Prey)



This guy came to us in urgent need of help, after flying into a truck!  Neville only has one wing and needed life-saving surgery, so he can't be released back into the wild.  He is now living a comfortable, happy life at Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue as one of our Animal Ambassadors team.

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