Conservation Status: Arctic Foxes

Meet Avery & Aurora the Bobcats

Common Name: Bobcat
Scientific Name: Lynx rufus
A group of them is called: A clowder, clutter or pounce
We just call them: "Avery" & "Aurora"

Size: 69 cm (length)
Weight: ~ 8.6 kg
Lifespan: 3 - 4 years (wild), up to 25 years (captivity)
Diet: Carnivore ​


Avery and Aurora were born to parents who lived in captivity. Although the facility had put preventative measures in place as to not to reproduce, they still did. Avery and Aurora were born outside of the typical bobcat breeding season. When bobcat babies are born, they need to be separated from the father, as they have the tendency to kill their offspring. Since the facility did not have the resources to provide a safe environment for them, they came to Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue. Here, they can live a fulfilling life together in a sanctuary-like environment.

Did You Know?

  • What's in a name? Did you know that bobcats get their name from their bobbed, short tail?
  • You wouldn't want to race a bobcat... These feline friends can run up to 50 kilometres per hour, although they usually prefer to walk. They can also leap up to 10 feet!
  • Bobcats are also excellent climbers, and will often climb trees effortlessly!
  • Although they are not large felines, don't let their size fool you! Bobcats are able to take down prey that is often much larger than they are. For example, a full grow bobcat can take down a full grown white tailed deer!
Avery the Bobcat

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