Arctic Foxes

Meet J.T. & Freddie

Common Name: Arctic Fox
Scientific Name: Vulpes lagopus
A group of them is called: A skulk or leash
We just call them: "J.T." and "Freddie"

Size: 71 - 110 cm (length)
Weight: 1.4 - 9.4 kg (males are much larger than females)
Lifespan: ~ 4 years (wild), up to 14 years (captivity)
Diet: Omnivore



J.T. and Freddie came to Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue from different facilities in Northern Quebec, where they had each been raised as part of a fur farm. Even though their stories started off not the greatest, things turned around for them when they were brought to Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue, where they now have a second chance at life.

Many people ask us what J.T. stands for - Justin Trudeau? Justin Timberlake? Or perhaps an old nickname of one of the owners? We will leave it up to your imagination.

Did You Know?

  • The arctic fox has a unique system that has adapted to the extremely cold climate that we find them in. They will not begin to shiver until minus 70 degrees celsius. When they are very cold, they will use their tail as a blanket or a scarf. They are always prepared for cold weather!
  • In the wintertime, the arctic fox will blend into the snow with its white fur, however, in the summer months, their fur tends to turn more of a brown colour. They can really adapt to their environment!
  • Arctic Foxes are very loyal partners ​- when they find a mate, they will stay with them for life.
  • Since they have to hunt through thick layers of snow, they have adapted a unique hunting style. They will jump high into the air and then dive face-first into the snow so that they can break through the icy layers.

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