American KEstrel

Conservation Status: Arctic Foxes

Meet the American Kestrel

Common Name: American Kestrel
Scientific Name: Falco sparverius
A group of them is called: A charm
We just call her: "Skye"

Size: 22 – 31 cm (wing span of 51 - 61 cm)
Weight: 2.8 – 5.8 oz (females are larger)
Lifespan: ~ 5 years (wild), 14 - 17 (captivity)
Diet: Carnivore


Skye is a female American Kestrel that calls Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue her home. Skye originally came to Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue after being a pet in someone's home. Although the American Kestrel is North America's smallest falcon, they still aren't appropriate pets! Skye spends most of her days preening her feathers in her dynamic, multi-species home. She lives in an environment that encompasses many of the other species she would encounter in the wild, such as skunks and porcupines.

Did You Know?

  • The American Kestrel is part of the Falcon family, and is the smallest falcon in North America
  • The Kestrel will often hunt its prey from above, hovering over lizards, vole, or other small birds before it attacks. What's it secret weapon? These birds can see in ultra violet light, meaning the the urine of their common prey, the vole, is illuminated. This trait makes tracing creatures an easy task for the kestrel!
  • What does the kestrel do when they've hunted too much? They save the left overs, of course! Hiding spots include: clumps of grass, fence posts, tree limbs or tree cavities. Yum, left overs!
American Kestrel

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