Animal Ambassadors


Many people who visit our facility watch our presentations or participate in our school programs, and wonder whether they, too, can have a skunk or a porcupine for a pet?


Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue is licensed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to keep native wildlife in captivity. It is against the law to have a wild animal as a pet. The animals that have come into our facility can not go back into the wild; some have been kept illegally as pets, some come from unusual circumstances, others were born in captivity.

We always share these stories with our guests, so you can understand why they can not go back into the wild. With that being said, just because they can not go back into the wild doesn’t mean they live here at Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue as pets.

All of our animal ambassadors live in species-specific enclosures within our “enchanted” forest. These enclosures provide our ambassadors with the opportunity to act as natural as possible. They are made out of the living trees within the forest.  Birds have space to fly, predators can hunt, prey species can dig burrows. It is important that these animals still maintain a wild lifestyle. They get the added bonus of a healthy meal provided each day along with protection from predators and human love.

Remember, we want to see native animals in the WILD!
Every species, no matter how big or small plays an important role in our environment.

Meet Our Permanent Residents