Our WILD Family

Stefanie MacEwan
Justin Vandebelt

Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue is lead by Stefanie MacEwan, a licensed wildlife custodian. She graduated from the University of Guelph with a BSc., majoring in zoology. Stefanie has dedicated her life to both exotic, domesticated and native wildlife, with over 20 years experience.

Without the help and support of her husband, Justin Vandebelt, Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue would not be able to accept the large number of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. After working a long day at his full time job, Justin comes home to build enclosures for all of the wildlife that call Soper Creek Wildlife thier permanent or temporary home.



Wild Child #2
Wild Child #1



Stefanie MacEwan & Justin Vandebelt, Founders

WILD Child 1 & 2

WILD Child 1 & 2 are the driving force behind Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue. Watching their passion for all forms of wildlife validates the mission of Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue's educational programming.

Educational Team

Nicole Countway
Director of Outdoor Education


Lauren Kimsa
Wildlife Rehabilitation Intern


Caitlyn Clarke
Camp Director